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About Us

Our History

AliefVotes was founded in June 2022 by Tommy Wan, Mujeebat Gbolahan, and Alief ISD Students. We are partnered and funded by the Office of Houston City Council Member Tiffany D. Thomas, the Houston Department of Neighborhoods, and OCA-Greater Houston. We are advised by Abby Gail Triño.

Alief is deeply rooted within the rich cultural heritage of the Viet, Chinese, Latinx, and African communities. Our suburbs, neighborhoods, and students represent a microcosm of diverse ideas and perspectives within the fabric of our nation. 


Yet, there is historically low voter turnout in Alief. Our community lacks youth civic engagement programming—particularly in resources, leadership opportunities, community engagement, and voter education. Alief ISD historically lacks civic engagement programming. We seek to bridge that gap. 

In our inaugural year, we've mentored seven Fellows, held an art and essay contest, provided scholarship funds to the community, visited Texas lawmakers, held two food drives, distributed food to the unhoused, presented at schools, met with elected officials about infrastructure projects, volunteered at the food bank, organized community clean-ups, travelled to conferences and more. 

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2023, we run on community and student leadership. If you would like to collaborate with us in hosting an event, workshop, or mentoring our students, please connect with us at

Meet the Organizers

Mujeebat Gholahan, Chief of Staff.

Madeline Medrano, Director of Communications.

Christina Trieu, Director of Data & Records.

Susan Tran, Director of Finance.

Board of Directors: Tommy Wan, Mujeebat Gbolahan, Abby Gail Triño. Board appointments will occur in June 2024.

For governance inquiries or board nominations, please email

Our Team.

AliefVotes is student-led and student-ran. All directors were appointed after a year of civic engagement experience with AliefVotes. Learn more about these leaders here.

Board of Directors

AliefVotes maintains a robust governance structure. We are advised and guided by leaders in civic engagement, the Alief community, and youth organizing. 

Read our bylaws here. For inquiries regarding 501(c)(3) status, email

Mission & Vision

Mission: To empower youth civic engagement in Alief through civic education, leadership opportunities, and youth-led community projects.

Vision: We envision a pipeline of proactive, civically engaged, and community-oriented youth in Alief.

Read our comprehensive master plan with our strategies, plans, and budget at

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