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Empowering Youth
In Alief.

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Our Mission: To empower youth civic engagement in Alief through civic education, leadership opportunities, and youth-led community projects. 

  Op-Ed with UNICEF 📝

AliefVotes & UNICEF USA Youth Leaders Call upon Houston Mayoral Candidates to Champion Houston's Commitment to Children.

By Trisha Botcha and Tommy Wan

Alief ISD Students: Get Involved!
📸 Emails on student opportunities, internships, and events in Alief.

View past newsletters here.

Alief Proud.

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AliefVotes is a grant-funded 501(c)(3) organization that empowers youth civic engagement in Alief, a community in Southwest Houston. We strive to establish a pipeline of proactive, civically engaged, and community-oriented youth through civic education, leadership opportunities, and youth-led community projects.

AliefVotes' master plan, strategies, and organization history can be viewed at 


We are powered by Houston City Council Member Tiffany D. Thomas of District F, OCA-Greater Houston, and the Houston Department of Neighborhoods.

Alief ISD Students are invited to apply to the next cohort of Fellows & Ambassadors, which will open Summer of 2024.

Civic Engagement, Captured  📸

AliefVotes Fellows

The AliefVotes Fellowship Program is a year-long intensive for students to receive interactive civic engagement training, leadership opportunities, and unique non-partisan government experiences. 

Please welcome the 2023-2024 School Year Cohort! Read about their bios here


In the fall semester, students receive comprehensive leadership and civic training. In the spring, Fellows are empowered with the resources and budget to organize a community event. No experience is needed.

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Let's Connect!

AliefVotes runs on community support. If you are a stakeholder or community member of Alief, we invite your questions, comments, and suggestions. 

We are also open to collaboration for events and civic engagement-related topics—such as workshops and events.

Phone: 832-209-6616

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